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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  November 5, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PST

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breaking news, nbc news has learned that federal investigators have gained enough evidence to bring charges against donald trump's national security advisor and his son according to multiple sources familiar with the investigation. it's high noon in the eastern
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u.s., 5:00 here in britain and 2:00 a.m. in japan where president trump is right now. here to discuss the latest development with me, chief white house correspondent and nbc anchor halle jackson, barbara quade, former vermont governor and bruce duvall. we begin with carol lee, one of nbc's reporters who broke the story. carol, what have you learned? >> well, what we have learned, sources tell nbc news that the special counsel robert mueller has compiled enough evidence to bring charges in the investigation into former national security advisor michael flynn and his son. what that means is they have found enough in their investigation to potentially bring charges. now we may not actually see the special counsel bring charges against michael flynn or his son, depending on whether, either or both decides to
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cooperate with the special counsel or perhaps already is cooperating with the special counsel. the other thing that we have learned is that the focus of the investigation into flynn and his son is really looking at some work that he did with the government of turkey, the justice department says benefitted the government of turkey. in particular, they're looking at the former national security advis adviser's conduct while he was in white house, when he tried to return this cleric that was considered part of an effort to overthrow the government there in 2016. so there's a number of different fronts in which the special counsel is looking into, michael flynn and his son and sources tell ugh that they have reached a point that they have enough evidence in the investigation to potentially bring charges. >> carol, putting you on the spot with all the great reporting you have already done,
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which do have any sense of the nature of the charges? >> which don't know if there eventually will be, what we do know about michael flynn is he has similar vulnerabilities as the former trump campaign chairman paul manafort who was indicted as we know last week. he has done lobbying work, michael flynn where he's done negotiations with foreign governments and never properly filed and registered as a foreign agent. they have been looking into some of his business ties with foreign governments, and whether he filled out paper work in order to serve in the white house or while he was in other position within the u.s. government. and so there are a number differents a pick s aspects tha looking at in terms of michael flynn. michael flynn has been
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interviewed by the fbi, and there's potential that he was not truthful with the fbi and that has been as we know one of the charges that the special counsel has leveed with others we have been investigating. >> are we surprised that michael flynn's soon is also involved? >> no, because while it might not seem obvious to an outside observer, these two work very closely together. the younger michael flynn was involved, very deeply involved in his father's business, he often took meetings for him. he traveled for him, as when the elder michael flynn went to russia to give a speech to the russian state news organization, rt. michael flynn's son was with him on that trip. the younger michael flynn was part of -- had done some work on the transition, although there
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was some transition on to what extent he worked on the transition. so these two have very much worked in tandem. >> nbc's carol lee, great works, stick around if you will. let's go to nbc's halle jackson in tokyo, where president trump is on his first leg of his trip to asia, this story broke early in the morning where you are, how much of a distraction is this from the important work there in asia? >> reporter: yeah, listen, it's yet again, something else happening back at homing, thousands of miles away, that is going to consume the attention of the staff in the white house. this is the risk for donald trump of leaving the white house, coming overseas, that something will break back home, obviously that is sort of what we are seeing now.
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i will say that the president is going to have a very busy schedule. we already saw him meeting with the prime minister of japan, shinzo abe, he's going to meet with the emperor of the japan where it is possible this mite come up. but backdrop wise, the president is trying to face the threat of north korea, try to rally allies in the region against that threat. japan importantly here, south korea later on in the week, and critically, cheney, that is going to -- china, that is going to be massively important on this trip. as he says, free, fair, reciprocal trade, it has been that he with drew from the transatlantic trade agreement. he's got these foreign policy and frankly domestic policies on
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his mind while he's over seas. i will say that not all the stuff is here on this trip. he left gary cohn back at the white house. it's not as though all of his advisors are surrounding him, the way that it was that first overseas trip. this case is different. you've got his white house lawyer dealing with what we're seeing. and let me just sort of step back for a second here. when we have reached out to the white house, we have asked about indictment or news related to the special counsel, we hear they want these investigations to be completed, they believe that mueller is doing his job and doing it quickly and they believe this investigation is going to end in a fairly timely
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manner. that's what's happening in d.c. you've got a lot here in tokyo. and he says to south korea, seoul, where he's going to be delivering one of the centerpiece speeches on there trip. a lot on the president's plate as always. >> you must be struck reporting from there, the contrast, the competition if you like, from two competing flanarratives, on being domestic politics and now foreign policy, and now we believe that trump will meet with president putin and president center of that challenge. and potentially useful if you like to north korea. >> reporter: i woke up hours today, i was going to talk about the phrases indoe pacific and
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instead we're pivots to talk about these sorts of things. this is setting up a very interestings meeting with president putin. that is the second half of the trip. i work with one analyst earlier in the week who made the point that runs the risk of potentially overshadowing a lot of what the president has been done here, that the focus is not going to be on south korea or japan or china but on russia. you were with me back in the summer when he was heelolding te meeting with president putin elsewhere. it was order of all consuming. will president trump press vladimir putin on this cyber hacking, russian interference, how does that conversation unfold? that was what i was told then. this time it's going focus on how russia can help combat the
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threat coming out of pyongyang. that said, you've got the backdrop now everything russia related back home. so it's going to set up a really interesting conversation, if you will or at least coverage around the conversation. >> halle jackson, crystal clear as ever despite doing late duty in tokyo. let's bring in barbara mcquaid. what does it tell you that no charges have been filed despite the fact that the investigative team has enough evidence to do so? >>. >> reporter: it could mean that michael flynn is correspondenting or he's being givening a important to cooperate. we had manafort indicted last week -- so you can imagine a similar charge against michael flynn now so maybe what you say at this point, we could do just
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what we did with paul manafort and indict you or we could work out a deal that could give credit to you and also to your son which might have even greater value to mike flynn. >> and now that the trump campaign chairman paul manafort has been indicted, how does that play out? >> reporter: you're always working on parallel tracks. it wouldn't surprise me that robert mueller and his team don't have a number of different threads of this investigation going at all times. but with michael flynn, this is an opportunity for him to plead and i think now they can hold up the manafort indictment, as we're not playi ining around, t is what happens when you don't cooperate, and it could happen to you as well. so this could be an opportunity for michael flynn to cooperate before he's indicted. he doesn't have to. but i think he can see that robert mueller doesn't bluff,
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and if he does not cooperate now, it is likely he will be indicted. he may change his mind and decide to cooperate later, but things don't get better if you wait. >> sources are telling nbc news if the elder flynn cooperates to help his son it could mitigate his consequences. >> i don't think he can mitigate any legal consequences, based on his baggage, he's going to have to agree to some crime, and some sort of prison term, but we have seen this from time to time, it's called third party credit, where you can say i'm going to provide information to you, trueful information, i'm going to accept responsibility for the crimes i have committed. i want leniency foreabout person. but in this scenario, i could
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imagine michael flynn saying i don't care what happens to me, but i do care what happens to my son, so i would like toe trade my cooperation for my son to keep him out of prison. >> nbc's carol lee and former federal prosecutor barbara mcquaid. howard levine and bruce gravel, i'll ask you to weigh in on this flynn story in a moment. donna brazil thought about replacing him clinton as the party's candidate after one incident. the party's chairman weighs in after this. oh never mind, he's leaving. but what if a business could turn all that thinking... thinking... endless thinking into doing? to make better decisions. make a difference. make the future. not next week while you think about it a little more. but right now. is there a company that can help you do all that? ♪
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breaking news, nbc news has learned that federal investigators have got enough
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evidence to bring charges against president donald trump's national security advisor and his son, it's part of the probe into russian intervention in the september elections. let's bring in howard dean and bruce lavelle, a member of president trump's media advisory board. bruce, i want to start with your take on this breaking news, has anything that you have heard at this stage shifted your perspective on president trump and the trump administration? >> no, absolutely not. and thanks for having me. here's one thing that kind of troubles me as i said in the past. the point is, we're having this news cycle based on speculative rumors that general flynn and his son will be charged. i can't speak for general flynn, but this is something that
9:18 am
president trump has promised during the campaign about keeping special interests away and lobbyists that has any kind of -- he's made that very, very clear. i'm not worried at all. it's unfortunate that here we go again, sources say, like comey's colleague who leaked information to the press, this is not very good for the fbi for us to have sources who say, it's very detrimental to the american people for the fbi to have their names pushed around on anyone for that matter. this is not good stuff, it's not productive for the american people to have a bureau that operates th s like this, it's n good at all. >> does it speak a bit to how polarized people are? that people can look at all of
9:19 am
this and say -- >> i mean i'm totally confident. i believe in the president, i was there from the beginning, june 2015, he's made a tremendous amount of strides, 4.1 unemployment, 261,000 jobs last month. in terms of him being in korea and japan pulling all our allies together. to come up with a solution to stop little rocket man over there hafrom being a danger to r region. we're really excited about it. i think this whole russia thing is a waste of time, but we'll see how that playsous. we want the christmas present of tax plan that he's promising that we hope we all get. so we're very optimistic and excited and happy about what the president has done and his accomplishments. >> and howard, despite these revelations, whether they're true or not, it can be called
9:20 am
political dynamite for the democrats, and there is little evidence that the democrats are going to be able to take advantage of it. >> i think we're not looking to take advantage of it. we believe we may well have a criminal in the white house, certainly he has a special interest, it's the trump family and their investments and we think there's a substantial likelihood that he has laundered money, that's what his associates have been charged with, so this is a very serious matter, i don't think it's about politics, actually, i think most likely, i think the prosecutor in the last segment had it right. >> to talk about politics? >> i think it's likely, and i think i'm goings to be proved right in the long run. you have a prosecutor who everybody on the republican and the democratic site believes is a straight shooter, is incredibly efficient and has been appointed by republicans as well as democrats. he is playing a very serious
9:21 am
hand here. he's working his way up from the bottom as he's going to continue to do, i think you're going eventually see either the flynns are going to plead guilty or they're going to do what barbara said they were going to do is cooperate for leniency, the next is the donald trump family himself. jared kushner will be indicted for must be laundering, and it appears to me what bob mueller is investigating is whether the president of the united states engaged with a foreign power to get where he got. that's a very serious matter for this country. >> bruce, i want to give you a chance to answer that. >> first of a all, governor dean, i think it's very disrespectful to say that there's a criminal in the white house, especially coming from a dnc that's in debt $3.5 million,
9:22 am
it's chaotic out there, the democrats have no policy. here we go again, they get pushed up against the wall, they chase water falls and conspiracy theories because their party has failed. we have $115 million in your bank account and the dnc is in debt. everybody's pointing fingers at each other and placing blame. like the president said earlier, we are a two-party system and we would like to have some good dialogue on the other side, with the democratic party. it's horrible, it does a disservice to the american people, because we want tax reform, we want good policies, we want good debates, we don't want to go down the road with another party that is just -- >> you're in charge of
9:23 am
everything, you haven't gotten anything done except to take away millions of people's health insurance. this has nothing to do with policy, the trumpian defense oath, what about the democrats, the issue is whether the democratic party is a mess or not, the issue is whether the president is in conspiracy to be elected president of the united states. >> let me talk to you about those -- the rel lagss donna brazil who said she considered replacing hillary clinton as the candidate for the dnc. here she is on a talk show early this morning. >> it this is a lesson of 2016. if i released it next year,
9:24 am
donna, you're impacting 2018. george, for those who are telling me to shut up, they told hillary that a couple of months ago, they don't know what it's like. even for the dnc, they didn't come and work with us, they told us to shut up and basically let them win the election. >> howard, are you telling her to shut up? >> i'm not interested in talking about the 2016 unless the russians interfered with our 2016 election. the democrats have got to put this aside and move forward and look forward. so whatever they want to stalk about in 2016, i'm anxious to get this country back on its footing, we can't do it with someone who's 33% in the polls and is not respected widely around the world or at home. >> hmm. >> so does donna brazil have any point in what she's saying? >> i'm not going to get into
9:25 am
that. i'm tired of looking in the rear view mirror. it's not going to be done by the republicans who control the house, the senate and the presidency and can't get a damned thing done. i'm sick of this stuff and so are the american people. and we're going to find out in 2018 when the congressional elections are up. >> the high stakes for president trump's visit to asia and what it means for the situation with north korea. >> this is a country where history is never forgotten, and the war with america has never ended. what i found when i traveled to pong-an pyongyang and the tensions there.
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nbc news says federal investigators have enough evidence to bring charges against michael flynn and his son. according to multiple sources familiar with the investigation. americans need to know north korea, a country the u.s. soon be at war there. later this hour, i'll report on what the people of that country told me about the effect of the rhetoric from president trump, what effect that rhetoric has had on them. that's coming up in about 20 anyone minutes from now. your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something
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welcome back. at the half hour, here's what we're watching. to recap our breaking news, multiple sources telling nbc news that special counsel robert mueller and his team have got enough evidence to bring charges against president trump's former national security advisor mile flynn and his son. this comes after the indictments of two former campaign advisors. no reaction from the white house to this nbc news report. let's bring in nbc news digital reporter, and this time last week we were talking about michael flynn as the first s target of the first set of indictments. >> this is the first time the investigation is reaching into the white house, this is donald trump's former national security adviso advisor. the trump line so far have been all these allegations have deltd
9:34 am
with events years before the campaign started, not deali ini directly with president trump. this is the guy, michael flynn, who led the chants of locker up about hillary clinton at the conventions last year. and he's someone who according to jim comey, the president tried to defend, comey testified that trump asked him to drop the investigation into michael flynn and donald trump also told our own lester holt that michael flynn was a good person. so it will be a lot more charging for trump to put distance between michael flynn and the white house like they have with paul manafort. >> and lots of charges of lock her up during the campaign, right? >> he call eed her crooked hillary. she was corrupt, she was crooked and now it's his team who's
9:35 am
facing these allegations. >> how much can the white house distance themselves from michael flynn since he was in the white house and not some minor figure in the campaign? >> it's much harder as alex said to distance himself from michael flynn, he was the national security advisor, he was having meetings with different officials, all sorts of officials in the white house, there it's lots of documents that pertain to michael flynn in the white house, it's not the same with paul manafort, so i think the flynn and manafort, manafort also being indicted are both frustrating moments from the white house, but there's really nothing they can do about it at this point. they have it out of control. the president has said these things are unfair, he's lashed out on twitter and in public, but really there's not a whole
9:36 am
lot they can do which is frustrating for the president. >> as that investigation gets closer to president trump, that he'll exercise his pardoni ing power. >> when republicans have been asked about this they say that's not on the table so we're not going to do anything about it. those are mostly on the kill, with a couple of republicans that would protect mueller and his probe, but if this gets further and if trump does something, you will see congressional republicans react. they would like to pretend this doesn't exist and this is just another headache they don't want to deal with. >> and there's low polling as
9:37 am
president trump starts his asia trip. how problematic are they for him as they try to deal with those challenges abroad? >> his numbers have hovered in the top part of the 30s for several months now. there hasn't really been an attempt to broaden his base, and you have a president who's has a tremendously low poll numbers. his advisors and aides will tell you that the people who support for the president trump is having strong among his supporters. but he's not a very popular president and it will probably put forth some challenges in 2018. >> it doesn't seem that we're changing those who support president donald trump not being shifted from that position decembspite all the news? >> and a lot of that is that he
9:38 am
has -- he wants to know what the base is thinking, he still talks to steve bannon, his former strategist who left and was aligned with his base, at least in his eyes, he's not someone who's governing to a broader prospective. some have said you can be a more popular president, you can make some moves that will increase your popularity. but he hasn't done any of those. there's about 40% of his base that are sticking with him, but it's not really broadening. >> it's really stunning, given what we're seeing with a republican president, this backlash against donna brazil's statements. >> this is a lesson of 2016, if hi released it next year, they would say donna, you're
9:39 am
impacting donna, you're impacting, george, for those who are telling me to shut up, they told hillary that a couple of months ago. you know what i tell them? go to hell. because the high command of the dnc, they didn't come and work with us, they told us to shut up and basically let them win the election. >> go to hell. clinton camp is ---someone who covered the democratic primary, what is your gut reaction to these allegations? >> first of all, it's stunning to see the clinton world turning on donna brazil so quickly and so aggressively. this is the woman who managed -- accusing her or falling for -- her allegations are very strong, and they're saying essentially
9:40 am
that she's trying to sell books and not worrying about the future of the party. so much of the nuance has been lost about whether the primaries were rigged or stolen. what she's really interested in is this deal that was cut between the clinton campaign and the dnc. a similar deal was not cut with other candidates, that mere issue is what she's concerned with. >> alex, josh do, dethank you b. the impact that president trump's rhetoric is having on the north korean people, that's next. o severe plaque psoriasis,...
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breaking news, nbc news has learned that the investigationive teams have enough evidence to bring charges against president trump's former national security advisor michael dplflynn and his son. and today the personal issuing a grim prediction of what it would take to remove north korea's nuclear ambitions. after a week long visit in north korea, i got the rare opportunity to talk to ordinary citizens about the possibility of going to war. this is the boarder? he went a week inside north korea, traveling to the front line with the south, ground zero in any conflict. if there's a war, we will win?
9:45 am
border guard told us. we met commuters with the same message. >> if u.s. army force were to bump up against the world, we're really to fight. >> reporter: we tried to find even after a buddhist temple, the same unshakable belief. our supreme leader will protect us, this mooning says, our government minders were always listening, but these were rare opportunities to speak with ordinary north koreans. we asked a question, any question, and the answer became familiar. what do you wish for in your lives. we have food in our belly, thanks to our sfreupreme leader.
9:46 am
kim jong-un. >> joining me now, adam mount, senior at the federation of north american sciences, we should be clear that those north koreans we have spoken to are in the higher echelons of north crane society and that reflects on their view, but when you hear ordinary north koreans talk like that, how do you read that? >> those statements are highly co- choreographed, they're important to the regime. but it's important that north korean officials and u.s. officials don't overstate their capabilities in a conflict. there's been signs that donald trump is either getting poor military advise or he's not retaining the food military advice he is getting, with the efficacy of u.s. missile systems and so on. so the yooutd is realizing that
9:47 am
there's no good options to roll back north korea's nuclear and missile programs that they could take with limited risk to u.s. foss in south korea and to our allies, and at the same time, the north koreans need to understand,through deterrent threats and through u.s. statements is that they can't win a major war. they're really looking at a poor negative military situation, and so they shouldn't start one. >> but they -- the impression that i had in that week there, and, you know, whin a sense, yo don't know exactly what they're speaking. but in a way it doesn't matter, that north koreans in one force think they can win a war against the u.s. so it doesn't sound like the message is getting through. >> that message must get across. the trump administration. >> how is that possible, though, it so difficult to communicate
9:48 am
with north koreans because it such a closed off country and that's part of the issue, isn't it? >> it's one thing if the north korean leadership believes it and it's another thing with the trump administration believes the it. trumping has undergone an all out effort to denuclearize the north korean regime. it's been 10 months and they have not come back to the negotiating table. but the president needs to get serious about deterring a nuclear north korea. specifically we need to stop north korean missiles from overflying japan and make sure that north korea doesn't carry out an kpactual nuclear missile test. these are limited objections, but they're going to require
9:49 am
deterrent threats and diplomatic outreach that this president's been incapable of doing so far. >> just pick up on that thought, if there was an accurate nuclear test carried out by the north koreans within the region, how would the u.s. have to respond to that? >> i would think that it would be possible that there could be a missile test while he's in beijing for example, the united states has really not responded to the thermonuclear test earlier this year that the north koreans claims or them crossing the icbm threshold, mostly the trump administration has given them a free pass, they've gone for broke on denuclearization and they have overlooked reassurances of american alliances and these kinds of tailored threats that could inspire instinct and insecurity
9:50 am
in the near term. one of the world's richest men gets caught up in a major arab
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
nbc news has learned federal investigators have gathered enough evidence to bring charges in their investigation of president donald trump's former national security adviser and his son. it's part of the probe into russia's intervention in the 2016 election, according to multiple sources familiar with the investigation. now, to a major corruption cr k crackdown in one of america's allied country in the middle east. it's led to the arrest of almost a dozen princes, including one of the world's richest people. the untold number of arrests occurring late last night also included military officers and top officials. nbc's ayman mohyeldin is following the events over there now and joins us. what can you tell us about what is happening, and let's be clear, what is a crucial ally
9:54 am
for the u.s. >> yeah, this was definitely an event and a decision that really caught the region, certainly caught a lot of members of the saudi royal family by surprise. it was close to midnight, late saturday night in saudi arabia, that this royal decree was announced, effectively putting to, you know, putting to an end the speculation that has been rampant for several weeks as to whether or not the new crown prince was going to crack down on corruption, and also at the same time, what was the motivation behind this. as you mentioned, we learned some of the individuals that have been detained including prince alwaleed. one of the most westernized people in the saudi royal family. a person who has billions of dollars of assets worldwide, but interestingly enough, a lot of people are interpreting it as a attempt by the crown prince to consolidate his power. he was the heir to the thoen relatively quickly, and that
9:55 am
angered a lot of people within the saudi royal people. some people say the decision yesterday to consolidate power was really the driving motivation behind this decision. coupled with what he has now announced publicly, which is the crackdown on corruption. now, this as i said it from people in saudi arabia, i have been speaking to, has been very welcomed news. a lot of people are saying, yes, saudi arabia, it is time to crack down on corruption, and the young crown prince has put forth his vision for that country. he wants the country to return to a moderate interpretation of islam. he certainly wants the country to modernize. he wants to open more space for women to play a more public role in the private and public sector. so some people are welcoming that. but others are also criticizing saying he's moving the country too fast and this is more about his power ambitions than it is about reforming the kingdom genuinely. keir. >> but you can read it as another step in liberalization in saudi arabia, the kind of changes many people have called for. we saw recently them announce
9:56 am
that women would be allowed to drive. is that the kind of straightforward way to understand it? >> yeah, that is the point that the kingdom as well as the leadership and now the crown prince are saying, that this is part of a comprehensive strategy. if you look at what the crown prince has done over the past several months that he's held more and more power, he's launched this ambitious economic drive for the country. you had billions of dollars of foreign investment pouring into the country, as an objective of his. as you mentioned, they're trying to liberalize some of the conservative aspects of this society, including allowing women to drive. allowing movie theaters to open up, concerts to take place. women to attend sporting events. so he has a vision for the country, and that's what he's trying to impose. but at the same time, there are those who are saying this is more about his ability to consolidate power, not just about his vision for the kingdom. >> all right, my friend, ayman mohyeldin there, thank you very much, my friend. >> after the break, an nbc news exclusive about new russian ties
9:57 am
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good afternoon. i'm ari melber at msnbc world headquarters in new york. we're live with an nbc special report from richard engel. two major stories breaking right now. first, nbc news reporting exclusively that robert mueller now has enough evidence to bring some kind of charges in the investigation into michael flynn and his son. and a bombshell breaking at this very moment. we're reporting on new evidence revealing that the secretary of commerce, wilbur ross, is in business right now with a company that has very close ties to vladimir putin. this is a breaking story. and its suggests he could be the latest in the trump administration under scrutiny for ongoing ties to russia. going to have a lot of the details in moments. >> first, it's very important for us here at nbc


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